How To Ruin Your Band Name

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Death Cab For Cutie.

Dan Ozzi has had it with the stupid band names, people. The editor at VICE's music blog, Noisey, recently compiled a handy guide on what NOT to do when naming your band. We are not naive enough to assume, however, that this will dissuade anyone from becoming the next Hoobastank.

"If you're going to name your band something bad," says Ozzi, "then you've got to own it." 

In a conversation with Soundcheck John Schaefer, Dan explains he has little use for random animals, funky punctuation, run-on sentences, and declarative expressions. He also describes the special place in band name purgatory he has reserved for anything that is "misleadingly badass."  

Read the entirety of Dan Ozzi's highly entertaining "How To Ruin Your Band Name".