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How Play Shapes The World

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Steven Johnson's latest book Wonderland charts the human impulse to play. In particular, how play has shaped our world and led to our greatest discoveries. Johnson, a historian, argues that play — our pursuit of surprise, pleasure, pure and simple joy — is the primordial soup from which the most amazing advances and innovations rise. Also, OK Go's music videos are designed to dazzle. Their most recent, for the song "Upside Down and Inside Out," literally takes viewers to new heights with the use of parabolic flight to create weightlessness. That video earned the band and Trish Sie the Smithsonian Magazine 2016 American Ingenuity Award for Visual Arts. Joshua sits down with OK Go's lead singer Damian Kulash, bassist Tim Nordwind and video director and cinematographer Trish Sie, to discuss what drives them to push artistic boundaries in their work.