How Our Understanding of Gender Has Changed Over Time

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Unisex signs hang outside bathrooms at Toast Paninoteca on May 10, 2016 in Durham, North Carolina. Debate over transgender bathroom access spreads nationwide.

North Carolina's so-called bathroom bill, HB2, put the state in the middle of a national fight about gender. But the state is also home to one of the few gender clinics for kids in the South, at Duke University's Children's Hospital. This week, Only Human takes you to this clinic, which seems like the eye of a storm: a safe space for kids questioning their gender to get treatment in the middle of a state conflicted about their rights.

But when we got back from the clinic, we had a lot of questions about how the treatment of transgender people has changed over time, and what life for a kid who identifies as trans would be like in other countries. So we called Alice Dreger, a medical historian who studies sex and gender. She's the author, most recently, of "Galileo's Middle Finger." Some of her scholarship is controversial, and we want to hear what you think. Take a listen, and weigh in below.