How One Man Recovered From His Internet Pornography Addiction

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Alexander Rhodes, a former internet porn addict and founder of (Courtesy Michael Ray)

Alexander Rhodes stumbled on internet pornography accidentally at the age of 11. His initial curiosity soon became compulsion, and from there, addiction.

Over the next decade, his addiction to internet porn affected every aspect of his life — from relationships, to academics, to health. In 2011, the year he describes as “hitting bottom,” he found others online suffering from similar addictions. Rhodes eventually founded a support website, now visited by 1 million visitors a month, and he left his Google job to manage the site full time.

Rhodes talks with Here & Now‘s Robin Young about internet pornography addiction.

Note: This segment includes sensitive sexual language that may not be appropriate for all audiences.


Alexander Rhodes, founder of and a former internet porn addict. He tweets @AlexanderRhodes.

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