How to Listen to The Jonathan Channel

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Live Streaming Launchpad 
Pop Up Player
Mobile Listening
Internet Radio/Streaming Appliances
Browser Compatability
In-line Player
Playlist Information



Live Streaming Player Launchpad

  • Use the Streams drop-down menu to select The Jonathan Channel before you click Listen
  • Use the Listen button to launch the player and start the live audio stream.
  • See what's coming up next in the Schedule menu.
  • Use the Options menu to select a different stream format for use in iTunes, Windows Media Player, or other media player, or copy and paste stream links into a WiFi / Internet radio database.
  • Click on the show information to find out more about what you're hearing.



Pop Up Player

  • Use the Listen button to launch the player and start the live audio stream. 
  • Adjust the Volume by clicking on the parallel vertical lines in the top right of the pop-out player window
  • Share the audio using the  button, located to the right of the ▶/❙❙ button
  • Streams: Browse other WNYC and WQXR streams from New York Public Radio. Click on a stream to listen
  • Saved: Add archived audio to Saved from the Trending menu or any page across our sites by using the + button. Take a single audio file off Saved by clicking on the red trash can icon
  • Donate: Support the programming you like to hear!
  • Trending: See what others are listening to most. Click ▶ to listen or +to add the story to Saved.
  • Feedback: Let us know about issues you're having specifically with the new player. For all other questions or concerns, please contact Listener Services.


Mobile Listening

Listen on most mobile devices by visiting The Jonathan Channel in your devices browser - from there, you can click on the "Listen to The Jonathan Channel" button to start the audio. 

If you are using an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 6.0+ you can download and listen through our WNYC mobile app. When you open the app, scroll down in the list of streams until you find the listing for The Jonathan Channel. Then, tap on the play button to start the audio. 

You can also find The Jonathan Channel on the TuneIn and iHeartRadio phone apps


Internet Radio/Streaming Appliances

  • Standalone Internet Radio: in most cases you should be able to search for "The Jonathan Channel" or "WNYC The Jonathan Channel" in your internet radio's stream listings. If you cannot load the stream and have the ability to enter a stream manually, please find the links included in the section below.
  • TuneIn or iHeart Apps: you will need to search for The Jonathan Channel within these applications available on your internet radio
  • Manually Entering a Stream Link: different radios accept different formats. You may need to try all of the links below to see which works best on your device. 



Windows Media Player:

  • Roku: to access The Jonathan Channel on this device you will need to download the TuneIn or iHeart channel. Search for The Jonathan Channel within the TuneIn or iHeart channels. 


You can listen to The Jonathan Channel in all versions of iTunes. However, The Jonathan Channel is found in different places in different versions of the software. 

  • iTunes 11.0 and earlier: The Jonathan Channel can be found in the "Radio" section. Click on the "Jazz" genre. Double-click on “The Jonathan Channel” in the listings to start the stream.
  • iTunes 11.1 and later: To access the Jonathan Channel you will first need to select the "Internet Radio" source under Preferences>General>Sources. Click on the "Internet" button in the menu towards the top of the iTunes window. Click on the "Jazz" genre. Double-click on “The Jonathan Channel” in the listings to start the stream. (Note: the “Internet” button will appear in the area where you see the “Songs”, “Albums”, “Artists”, “Genres”, among other options.)
  • iTunes (Manual): To manually load The Jonathan Channel Stream click "File>Open Stream" and enter this link: Then click "OK" to load the stream.

Browser Compatability

To use the audio player, you need the latest version of Adobe Flash available for free download on Mac or PCYou may need to adjust the pop-up blocker on your browser to allow the pop-up version of the audio player to work. We recommend that you use current versions of web browser software. We do not support older versions of some browsers.


In-line Player

  • Toggle the Play and Pause buttons to start and stop the audio and pick up where you left off. 
  • Adjust the Volume by clicking on the triangle next to the speaker icon. 
  • Listen pops out the player and begins playing the item.
  • Add pops out the player and adds the item to the Saved menu.
  • Download the on-demand MP3 file so you can import it into your own media software or portable MP3 player. (Some files will not be available for download due to copyright restrictions.)
  • Embed opens a window with HTML code, allowing you to embed the audio player in your website or blog.


Playlist Information

  • Jonathan's Saturday and Sunday shows are hand picked recordings played from compact discs. They do not offer us the necessary data to publish track information in real time so the playlists are put together by hand as the show is broadcast. We publish playlists on the episode page for the corresponding show after the show has aired. 
  • We are restricted by law as to when we can post static playlists, and are required to wait to post these until the final repeat has been streamed.

More Help

If you have difficulty with WNYC’s audio content and cannot find an answer to your problem on our Troubleshooting page, please contact WNYC Listener Services.

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