Week 14: How Has Trump Challenged Our Democratic Norms?

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During a campaign speech, Donald Trump holds up a mask of his face in Sarasota, Florida.

On our first week of Indivisible, CNN host Fareed Zakaria helped establish a set of democratic norms against which the Trump Administration’s actions could be measured.

"Many of the things that make democracy what it is are not written in stone,” he told Brian Lehrer, explaining that what worried him most about a Trump presidency was a breach of what he called “informal norms.” Mocking the press, for example, “is not unconstitutional, but it violates a norm. It’s an attempt to intimidate,” Zakaria said.

On this episode of Indivisible, Zakaria returns to answer and evaluate whether other norms, informal or not, have in fact shifted during Donald Trump’s first days in office.

Plus Indivisible and StoryCorps have been asking you keep the conversation going by volunteering to talk to someone in your own life with whom you disagree with politically. Dave Isay, the founder of StoryCorps, is joined by a husband and wife whose opposing political opinions are causing marital stress. One is a political scientist and the other a rocket scientist. Can you guess who voted for Trump?

Want to take part in our social experiment with StoryCorps? Here's how: email listen@StoryCorps.org with the subject line "Indivisible Interview." Tell us who you want to talk to, why, and what you want to ask them.

Here are some Tweets from this episode: