How the Earth Turns, Inside One Room

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Doug Wheeler LC 71 NY DZ 13 DW, 2013

Last year James Turrell lit up the Guggenheim, and now there is another light show in town.

American artist Doug Wheeler has a new installation consisting of a circular, white room, with a domed ceiling, and lights coming from the floor. It's at David Zwirner gallery's 537 West 20th street location. The idea is to portray the way light changes along the horizon as the earth turns.

Matthew Powell, a writer for Interior Design magazine, said in this interview that the job of designers and architects is to take an infinite amount of space and organize it, but Wheeler and other artists who work with light do something different.

"They do the opposite of what most people do with space, so looking into how to craft the infinite is something that is astounding to me," he said.

To avoid lines, visitors can book a 15 minute appointment to see the piece. That's what Annie Farrar, who is visiting New York from Baltimore, did earlier this week. She said she felt the piece plays with different kinds of human perception.

"I felt like I was in the piece for a long time and when I came out it was like 10 minutes," said Farrar. "So just an awareness of how arbitrary time is and our experience of it."

The piece is entitled LC 71 NY DZ 13 DW, 2013.