How Drones Are Reshaping the World

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Close to a million drones may be sold this holiday season. And in five years, the global market is expected to reach a billion dollars. There are drones for everything: real estate and construction, package delivery, journalism, and search and rescue. They're used to deliver humanitarian aid to the world's most challenged regions, and to find and kill the world's most wanted terrorists without putting U.S. soldiers' lives at risk.

In this special from America Abroad, find out how drones are revolutionizing the skies, and how this technology has moved so quickly from science fiction to ubiquitous reality. Listen Friday, August 12th at 11pm on AM820.

Visit Korea's DMZ where drones fly back and forth across the border, raising serious questions about the military capabilities of both countries and the power of drones to affect regional conflicts. In Nairobi, Kenya, learn about the potential for drones in developing nations, and how a nationwide ban has halted progress in that country. And, in Northern California, hear how one organization is trying to send aid to Syrian war victims via a fleet of humanitarian drones.

Plus, find out what happens when practically everyone has drones — from the major world powers to the smallest non-state actors, including Hezbollah, Hamas, and ISIS.

Featured guests include: