How Can Something So Horrible Be So Funny?

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"The Last Laugh" by filmmaker Ferne Pearlstein (reprinted with permission from Robert Edwards).

Comedians Judy Gold and Alan Zweibel, along with filmmaker Ferne Pearlstein join us to discuss her new documentary “The Last Laugh.” Pearlstein looks at taboo topics in comedy -- the Holocaust, 9/11, AIDS, racism -- and gets insights from legendary comedians including Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Sarah Silverman, Gilbert Gottfried and Harry Shearer. Through these interviews and clips from stand-up comedy, TV shows, and movies, "The Last Laugh" offers a fresh take on what is and isn’t off-limits in a society that prizes freedom of speech.

"The Last Laugh" opens Friday, March 3rd at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas at 1886 Broadway. For more information, click here.