Host Of Fires Clear San Diego-Area Neighborhoods

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Fire rages above an apartment complex May 14, 2014 in San Marcos, California.  (Bill Wechter/Getty Images)

Firefighters gained ground overnight on a string of major San Diego area wildfires – except for one in the city of San Marcos where the 700-acre blaze burned out of control Thursday as another scorcher day dawned.

Nine fires in all were burning an area of more than 14 square miles amid a heat wave and dry conditions, said San Diego County officials, who warned also of poor air quality with black and gray smoke wafting over the region. The wildfires drove tens of thousands from their homes and shut down schools and amusement parks, including Legoland.

Firefighters contended with temperatures approaching 100 degrees and gusty winds as they tried to contain flames fueled by brush and trees left brittle by drought.

Officials said a Carlsbad area blaze was 60 percent contained and had burned 400 acres. The wildfire destroyed an 18-unit condominium complex and four residences, Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall said.

Robert Scott with the San Marcos Fire Department is stationed at the incident command center and discusses the current conditions on the ground and the evacuation process with Here & Now’s Sacha Pfeiffer.


  • Robert Scott, Division Chief – Fire Marshal for the San Marcos Fire Department.
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