Hidden Kitchens World

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The acclaimed Kitchen Sisters are back with a new hour of kitchen stories that travel the world. In "Hidden Kitchens World," Academy Award-winner Frances McDormand leads us through this rich international collection of stories of land, community and food.

  • Airs Saturday, September 27 at 6am on 93.9FM and NJPR, 7am and 2pm on AM 820, and 9pm on NJPR
  • Airs Sunday, September 28 at 8pm on AM 820
  • Airs Monday, September 29 at 10pm on 93.9FM

Actor Gael Garcia Bernal takes us to his grandmother's Sinoloa kitchen in Mexico, British writer Salman Rushdie takes us to a Chocolate Town in England, filmmaker Werner Herzog eats his shoe and poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti gives us his recipe for happiness.

Plus, a look at the organic olive groves and vineyards being grown on confiscated Mafia land in Sicily to secret night clubs embedded in Soviet dissident kitchens. Also, tales of the mythical-seeming cooking dogs in Medieval England, as well as the little-known tale of Agricultural Explorers -- aka "The Indiana Jones of the Plant World" -- who introduced exotic dates from the Middle East to the Coachella Valley. And in France and Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, we go underground into the world of wine, war and counterfeiting.  

The Kitchen Sisters, Peabody Award winning producers, Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva, have been creating media projects together for over 25 years. The Hidden Kitchens series has had a powerful resonance with audiences across the United States, and across the world. The series has been awarded the du-Pont-Columbia Award and was nominated for three James Beard Awards. In its first season, the Hidden Kitchens Listener Hotline received 2,789 minutes of messages from people with stories to share from around the world. Five years later: the stories keep pouring in.