Helping Women Play the Business Game

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A new book encourages women to approach the workplace with a gamer mentality.

Professional women have heard it all: lean in, lean out, be bossy, play nice. But Susan Packard, co-founder of Scripps Networks Interactive and former chief operating office of HGTV, says it comes down to gamesmanship - applying the gamer mentality to the workplace.

Packard outlines strategies for female professionals in her book, New Rules of the Game: 10 Strategies for Women in the Workplace (Prentice Hall Press, 2015).

We've got the first five strategies here: 

  • Conditioning. As an executive, you can go from good to great by learning the language and skills of your work environment.
  • Play it cool. Recognize the importance of composure, and make an effort to appear level-headed in your leadership role.
  • Play offense. It’s okay to be a little bossy – think of it as being “artfully assertive.”
  • Master the strategies of brinksmanship. That is, outsmarting your opponent to secure the win by using observational skills, mental agility, and a little bit of theatrics.
  • Build your fan club. It’s important to be seen as likable in order to gain the trust and cooperation of your team.