Help TLDR Grow and Thrive by Supporting The Show

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Hi, TLDR listeners. It's Alex and PJ. We're writing this article to let you know that for the next couple weeks, we're asking people who love TLDR to consider supporting our show.

Later today, we'll be releasing our 29th episode. 29th! That's crazy! It's both shocking and humbling that we've managed to even make it this far, and it's only been possible because you guys have been so vocal in your support of the show. Even just listening to it, tweeting at us, telling your friends is so huge. But we have big plans for the future - plans that will require your help.

So if you believe in TLDR as a show, please text 'tldr' to 25383. A $10 charge will appear on your phone bill - standard text messaging rates may apply. If you'd rather do the traditional giving not through the phone, just follow this link. And if you can't afford it, that's ok. The very fact that you're listening is a big deal to us. Thanks so much for making our show a thing. We're overwhelmed by the response. 

-Alex & PJ