Gallery: Capturing Heat on Camera

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07/06/99 New York, N.Y Bathers ages 2 to 35 found a refuge from the heat yesterday -- at least temporarily -- in a wading pool on 134th Street in the South Bronx.

We talk with photographer and editor of The New York Times "Lens" blog, James Estrin, about how photographers capture heat on camera and the challenges of news photography in sweltering conditions. Below: Some of Estrin's favorite photos on heat.

8/15/03 -- Plino Rodriguez ,80, got assistance walking up to his 12th floor apartment from Sandra Gonzalez(who was visiting a friend). The electricity was out.
8/1/06 New York,NY//In an overcrowded waiting room at Maimonides Hospital Nina Messana was treated for heat exhaustion after she fainted in her son's arms while walking on the street.
06/29/01/,New York, NY /Seconds after it was turned on for the first time 70 year old Elroy Morris delighted in the breeze of a new fan given to her by by the Stanley M Isaacs community center.
8/2/06 New York, NY. - For many riders, the heat at the 14th Street station on the Lexington Avenue line was overwhelming. Some passengers boarded the trains just to feel the air-conditioning.
New York NY-7/16/06 ;/ On a very hot day at Orchard Beach-William harrison and his fiancee Gloria Mar - sat in the water to keep cold.
8/14/03/nyc , NY/ metro/On park ave at 102nd street A Metro North train was stuck for about an hour because electricity was out.
6/23/02/NYC,NY/ Firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion yesterday as they sat in front of a Brooklyn building where a fire killed seven members of one family.
8/1/06 New York,NY/ The heat continued when the sun went down- At the Betances Houses, a city project in Mott Haven, scores of people sat outside because it was cooler than inside.
6/17/00 On 2nd ave and 119th street in East Harlem In the summer, the living room comes outside. Lovers smooch as the heat rises, while another enjoys a sidewalk siesta.