Happy Friday!

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Comedian Louis CK has mocked the Common Core approach to teaching math

That most glorious day is once again upon us. Here's some of the cool, interesting, or weird stuff we could not find a home for on the blog this week. 

-Louis CK's newest late night Sermon on the Mount. I don't really agree with it! Particularly the first half, where he argues that kids are mean because... cell phones? I guess I'm willing to concede that many of use our devices to distract ourselves from the yawning void inside of us. What do you guys think?


-This is admittedly wonky, but Google has a solution that might mean the end of cookiesRemember a few years ago when we worried about cookies instead of a massive domestic spying apparatus. We were so young!


-This is just a very nice Paul Ford essay about writing and being stuck, generally


-The story of @BurlCoatFactory, a weird Twitter account started as a parody of corporate Twitter speak. Somehow, it was accidentally linked to by the Burlington Coat Factory corporate site.

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