Happy Friday, Folks!

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Happy Friday! Here are some thrilling links to help you ride out these last hours of workweek banality. 

David Lynch would like to teach you how to make quinoa.

(Part two over here)

Not a quinoa fan? Ja Rule is writing a cookbook of microwave recipes.

Apparently, FOX News's PR department ran an elaborate scam on a journalist. They tricked him into running a fake story, then blasted him in public for running a fake story.

Zipit helps you get flirty chat back on the right track. It’s packed with killer comebacks and top tips to help you stay in control of your chat game.” If you're a teen and your friends just won't stop sending unwanted sexts, this new app promises to help you ward them off.

A sponsored post after my own aspartame-riddled heart:

Are you drinking enough diet soda? A new study reveals the disturbing truth: No. you are not. Here, have a diet soda. Put some in your mouth, then swallow it when you’re done tasting it. Tastes good, right? Tastes like bubbles. It’s normal and good. Drink it however you want, fast or slow, as long as you drink it fast.

A Norwegian director seeded a fake version of his movie on pirate sites. Instead of the film, it was just video of his testicles: 

“The film clip was recorded as an impulse once I sat on the toilet. Actually, I considered filling the remaining 80 minutes by filming my butt, but then I realized how exceptionally bad it was going to be, aesthetically that is.”

The La Quinta Inn where comedian / public radio regular Mike Birbiglia slept-walk out a window now features this commemorative plaque.