Hand Wringing in Yankee-Land as Ellsbury Heads to New York

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The Yankees are reported to have made a major move Tuesday by acquiring star Red Sox center-fielder Jacoby Ellsbury, signing him to a seven-year deal worth $153 million.

In this interview, Josh Levin, executive editor of Slate and host of the podcast "Hang Up and Listen," explains that this isn't so unusual for the Yankees.

"He's not old by Yankees standards, though, he's only 30," Levin said of Ellsbury. "I think that you have to consider that the Yankees are playing a different game from everyone else and baseball cost containment is not something that they really have to think about."

This deal raises a lot of questions about the Yankees' aging lineup, their perennial post-season ambitions and perhaps most-importantly, their ability to keep five-time All Star Robinson Cano.

Second-baseman Cano is trying to land a big contract in the off-season, and he's represented by Jay Z, the rapper, entrepreneur and newish sports agent. Many inside baseball see the Ellsbury deal making it less likely that Cano will want to stay — and less likely the Yankees will want to pay for him.