Guest Picks: Ken Griffey, Sr.

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Ken Griffey, Sr., at WNYC July 15, 2014

Ken Griffey, Sr. was on the Lopate Show to talk about his new memoir Big Red: Baseball, Fatherhood, and My Life in the Big Red Machine. When he's not writing or talking about baseball, he's reading the Bourne series. Find out what else he's a fan of!

What have you done over the past year that moved or surprised you?

         Taking a road trip for a month and a half with my wife and 3 grandkids. 


What are you listening to right now?

         I used to love R&B- James Brown.


What’s the last great book you read?

         Robert Ludlum's Bourne Series.


What’s one thing you’re a fan of that people might not expect?

         Hunting and fishing shows.


What’s your favorite comfort food?

         Steak (rib eye!)