Guest Picks: Denis O'Hare

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Denis O'Hare was on The Leonard Lopate Show with John Cameron Mitchell to talk about his new performance adapting Nabokov for a staged reading. He also told us about his love of bad science fiction. Find out what else Denis O'Hare's a fan of!

What have you read or seen over the past year (Book, play, film, etc...) that moved or surprised you?

         Maleficent. I thought it was so bracing- but then, I have a 3 year old.

What are you listening to right now?

         Ariadne auf Naxos- Strauss
         Rake's Progress- Stravinsky

What's the last great book you read?

         Doris Lessing's Shikasta Series

What's one thing you're a fan of that people might not expect?

         Bad Science Fiction and Science Fiction Features Novels

What's your comfort food?


            Linguini bolognese, or Penne with sausage