Textile Waste: A Growing Environmental Crisis

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GAZIPUR, BANGLADESH - 2011/02/25: Every day, 9-year-old Jashim collects pieces of cloth from the liquid waste of the dyeing industries.
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It's Fashion Week in New York City, and brands and innovators are coming from all over the world to show off the latest styles. But the push to keep up with the newest color or hottest trends has a dark side. Whether it's to make way for the next season's wardrobe or just getting rid of the old, consumers throw away about 85 percent of all the clothes we buy.

And brands often toss huge amounts of fabric and even finished clothes, because something wasn't quite right or they made too much.

That all contributes to textile waste, which is a growing part of our country's landfills. Traci Kinden is the founder of Revolve Waste, a consulting group that works with different brands and organizations to reduce textile waste. She explains what you can do to stop textile waste.