'Grave Concerns' with Common Core

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A vocal supporter in the past, Gov. Christie recently said in Iowa that he has "grave concerns" about Common Core standards.
From New Jersey Public Radio and

The Gov. continues to make news out-of-state. During his latest visit to New Hampshire, Governor Christie started talking about his first 100 days in office - - in the White House. He then went on to unveil a presidential platform.

Plus, after saying he had “grave concerns” about Common Core in Iowa, many in New Jersey were left puzzling over where the governor stands on the new PARCC test, which is set to be given to students in grades 3 through 11 in March.

Host David Furst is joined by New Jersey Public Radio's Matt Katz and Tom Moran, editorial page editor for The Star-Ledger. Guests include John Mooney, co-founder of NJ Spotlight and Republican Strategist, Jeanette Hoffman.

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