Christie's Connections: Who Knew What, When

Monday, January 13, 2014 - 05:54 PM

Gov. Chris Christie arriving at Fort Lee to apologize to Mayor Mark Sokolich after Gov. Chris Christie arriving at Fort Lee to apologize to Mayor Mark Sokolich. (Spencer Platt/Getty)


NJ Governor Chris Christie said he was "blindsided" but the revelations his staff was involved with the George Washington Bridge lane closures. Many people close to him, however, were aware of the closures -- some before, and some immediately after. Here's a timeline of when emails and text reveal were first aware and their proximity to Christie.



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Rowena Parade

If Christie punishes his enemies, has anyone thought to investigate how he rewards his friends? It may not seem much to people outside Princeton, but NJTransit has decided to move the terminus of the little train that connects Princeton to the main line at Princeton Junction 460 feet farther away from downtown. In an era when we should all be trying to encourage public transit use, that seems nuts to many Princetonians.

In particular, it means that we'll lose 460 feet of the right-of-way that could later bring light rail all the way to our main street.

So why is NJTransit = Christie letting the train move? The move is to accommodate Princeton University, which has decided to build new fine arts classrooms just where the train runs instead of a few yards away from it as it could easily do. And why is Christie so eager to accommodate the rich and prestigious Princeton University? He's a trustee there (so are all New Jersey governors ceremonially, but Christie has actually been very active in the role, attending all the meetings and so on).

And his son was just admitted there as a freshman last year.

Jan. 14 2014 02:18 PM

Over the last decade the Republican Party has evolved to become the party of mean-spiritedness. Gov. Christie would make a perfect standard-bearer.

Jan. 14 2014 11:59 AM
Donald Diamond from BEDFORD

It wiuld be nice to know if Christie engaged in any bridgegate related activity after he engaged in the marathon televised "question and answer" session. The post Q & A stage show period might reveal the identities of government workers who engaged in the wrongful act or when they knew it. I cannot remember where public officials engaged in misconduct that was so harmful to so many people and when they did not financially benefit or engage in sexual misconduct. It shocks the conscience to believe that the harm caused to Fort Lee drivers was to educate a democratic mayor to support a republican goverenor's election campaign.

Jan. 14 2014 09:49 AM

This same type of Bridgegatesque corruption, cover-up & retaliation is standard operating procedure at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC by Port Authority Supervisors.

Gov. Christie promised to disclose any evidence “that come forward that requires action to be taken.” He added, “I will take it, no matter how much it hurts me personally or dismays me, because this is the job I asked for, and I’ve got to do it.”

I wonder if that applies to the well documented rampant theft of Lost & Found property at the Port Authority Bus Terminal by Port Authority Supervisors, and the illegal written policy of throwing lost valid passorts in the garbage instead of mailing them to their respective embassies if their owners could not be located and reunited with their lost passports. Now just imagine the damage that a terrorist cell or an identity theft ring could do with those valid passports. Google “Donna Lebourne abc news" & see the vile face of shame being confronted and exposed for the world to see.

If the Gov. is a man of his word, he can start by axing all the supervisors at the Port Authority Bus Terminal involved in this criminal activity, the supervisors that turned a blind eye to it, and all the supervisors who participated in the coverup and retaliation as well. Every single one of them must be fired & prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

A traffic study on 9/11...really, what’s next, the Port Authority giving all TSA airport screeners the day off on 9/11/14 to see if that speeds up the screening process "study?" I guess that makes as much sense as the Port Authority’s written illegally policy of throwing lost passports in garbage & letting their supervisors steal from the Lost & Found Dept. at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. The new investigatory panel should investigate these well documented crimes of the Port Authority as well.

Jan. 14 2014 08:13 AM
stanchaz from Brooklyn

With all DUE respect:
Hey, hey, hey, my heart goes out 
to poor poor Governor Christie. 
That vengeful arrogant bully 
will probably close the borders 
of his little kingdom –again–
when he hears about the new federal probe of his misuse of Sandy relief funds!
How DARE they question him! 

I can just see the good Governor right now. 
Having one of his childish temper tantrums. 
Bouncing up and down, up and down, up and down.

Like a big, red-faced, bouncing rubber ball.

Bounce, bounce, bounce
…ready to burst, ...ready to pounce.

And crying wee, wee, wee. 
All the way home. 

Yes, it IS time for you to go ho
me sir.
Time to stop inflicting yourself 
on the people of New Jersey.
When Governor Christie stood there in his recent press conference and said (with a straight face!) ” I am not a bully”, it reminded me of the “I am not a crook” phrase made famous by President Nixon.

History repeats itself.
The chickens come home to roost.

Jan. 13 2014 07:59 PM

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