Gracie and Rachel: Intimate Orchestral Pop

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Gracie and Rachel's debut album 'Go' is set to be released this winter.

Dark and light constantly fuse, diverge, and unite in Brooklyn violin-piano duo, Gracie and Rachel. Their newest single "Tiptoe" (which we premiered a few weeks ago), from their forthcoming debut album Go, begins with a single haunting note. Pizzicato violin from Rachel Ruggles and Gracie Coates' piano ebb and flow together in a rocking orchestral rhythm, while Gracie's milky vocals add a delicate layer of gothic pop on top. The two hail from Berkeley, California and relocated to New York about three years ago. They've been playing together since high school and as young as they still are, that seasoned partnership is apparent in their music. 


Gracie and Rachel perform September 18 at Mercury Lounge with Holly Miranda.