Cuomo: I'm With de Blasio on Universal Pre-K

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

(Jessica Gould/WNYC)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called in to the Brian Lehrer Show Tuesday morning (unprompted) to discuss the latest on the Metro-North derailment, the findings of the Moreland Commission on corruption, and his relationship with Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio. Cuomo pledged that he is "with him on universal pre-K" but refused to offer specifics on whether the Albany legislature would approve de Blasio's plan to tax wealthy New York City residents to pay for pre-K expansion. "We're going to have that conversation in January," said Cuomo.

On the Metro-North crash, Cuomo stated that there was no evidence of equipment failure or track problems, but refused to comment on reports that the driver had fallen asleep. He added: "There are all sorts of liability questions. There's going to be all sorts of law enforcement agencies that will be taking a look at the liability."

"This operator is not going to be operating a train any time soon, of that I can assure you," Cuomo said.



Andrew Cuomo

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SPR from Staten Island, NY

Universal pre-k is a great idea ~ IF it REALLY is universal! ALL children in NYC should be offered the same free, full-day opportunity. As it is now, not all are. Some pre-k programs offer half-day, while others offer full-day programs. Yes, some children desperately need to be in a full-day program at that age, while others do not, but should the powers-that-be decide who gets what? I realize that there are space constraints, but figure that out first, then, offer it...and they will come.

Dec. 04 2013 11:43 AM
rh from nyc area

Assumptions yeah, but unless there was a physical reason that they *thought* the train was going 82 mph on a curve posted as 30 mph but the train really *wasn't*, he was not doing his job and caused the deaths and injuries (let alone economic impact). There is a huge responsibility which requires those operating motor vehicles for the public to self-police any possible issue, be it fatigue, medication side effects, or a bad mood. You and I would be busted for driving 82 mph in a 30 mph zone, with no care about our physical state or degree of distractedness that caused it. If someone died, it would be vehicular homicide due to the level of recklessness.

Dec. 03 2013 11:14 PM
Lorraine from Chappaqua

Read more carefully, PK. The Governor "refused to comment on the reports of....." He prejudiced nothing. His only comment on the driver was that
he wouldn't be operating a train for a long time. He was injured after all.

Dec. 03 2013 11:05 PM
PK Miller from Albany NY

Seems to me everyone, including the Governor, who OUGHT to know better, is rushing to conclusions and judgements about the Metro North crash. There are a lot of assumptions. Yes, we know the train was going >50 mph too fast. But WHY. How do we know the operator was distracted, was texting, dozing, dancing a bloody jig????? I think the Governor is prejudicing the case. Just because you say something is so, Mr. Cuomo, doesn't mean it is. Let's let the NTSB do their usual thorough investigation & let chips fall where they may.
PS The Governor Mayor DiBlasio better figure out how to get along, work together, play nice in the sandbox or it's going to be a verrrry loooong 4 years! Give Mr. DiBlasio a chance, Governor. Work WITH him lest we have another skirmish of World War III daily.

Dec. 03 2013 09:43 PM

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