Governor Cuomo on Medicaid, Snow, and "Two States" Pre-K Funding

Friday, February 14, 2014

(New York State Office of the Governor/flickr)

The Obama administration has granted an $8 billion waiver to New York State allowing it adjust spending and possibly preserve some hospitals in New York City and beyond. Governor Andrew Cuomo discusses the new spending flexibility, saying that it will help "transform" hospitals that "have beds that are un-needed," while acknowledging that some hospitals will be scaled back.

When asked about his plans to fund universal pre-K statewide, and reject Mayor de Blasio's proposal for a New York City tax to do so, Cuomo told guest-host Jami Floyd that "we [already] have a millionaires' surcharge, which is one of the reasons why we have the resources to pay for pre-K statewide." He argued that an NYC-only tax would create "a tale of two states." And when asked about the response to this week's snow storms, Cuomo confirmed that he did not consult with Mayor de Blasio about declaring a state-wide state of emergency, but defended the mayor's decision to close schools, saying "second-guessing is very easy."


Andrew Cuomo

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The estate tax & income taxes are creating equality in NY State, by driving multimillionaires to Florida - - along with the taxes they used to pay to NY. Even comfortable pensioners go to Florida. If they try to maintain a summer home in NY, the NY income tax Nazis harass them with audits of how many days they spend in NY. Eventually the ex-NY-statetriots learn to sell all NY property and avoid NY completely.

Feb. 17 2014 09:25 AM
K Webster from nyc

Specious argument pitting New York State cities against one another. But, okay, how is Cuomo’s “millionaires tax” working to eradicate inequality?

New York State - 25th highest poverty rate in the US, Fourth in number of individuals living in poverty, Females, people of color and children continue to be at higher risk of poverty. 37.6% of female-headed households with children live in poverty. 25.8% of Latinos and 23.0% of African Americans live in poverty compared to 10.9% of White New Yorkers. Child poverty rates in upstate cities continue to climb - approximately half of children living in Buffalo (46.6%), Rochester (50.4%) and Syracuse (49.0) live below the poverty line. New York’s poverty rate has climbed to 15.1%

Tax fairness? Tax code provisions written by lobbyists that allow write-offs for vacation homes, hedge funds, breweries, movie studios – even racetracks. Multinationals bank offshore to avoid taxes. Money managers pay less taxes for managing hedge/private equity funds. The same private equity firms that exploited tax loopholes destroyed jobs by moving jobs abroad.

Cuomo may agree with Ms. Helmsley that “only the little people pay taxes” but throughout this State, New Yorkers are quite willing for the rich to pony up.

Di Blasio needs to fight for Home Rule for NYC.

Feb. 16 2014 09:51 PM

Two trade associations representing New York’s community-based mental-health industry—Mental Health America (MHA) and the New York State Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (NYAPRS)—are eyeing the money Albany spends on inpatient psychiatric care and lobbying the Cuomo administration to close its state-run psychiatric hospitals. . . .

Feb. 14 2014 02:27 PM

Wasn't it Prince Andrew's father the NYS Governor who initiated the policy of closing "excess" hospital beds beginning in the 1980's?

This segment appears to have been Ms. Floyd's interview for a position with Prince Andrew's public perception shaping team. "Please use 'Grant' - it sounds so much better than 'Waiver'".

No attempt to elicit what "waiver" specifically refers to.
Somehow it feels like the president's healthcare policy -
announce a politically popular program, much of which will not be realized until after he has left office; then, as problematic parts of the program are about to be implemented, grant waivers.

Shameless "flackery".

Feb. 14 2014 12:37 PM
Elsa from Westbury, NY

When Governor Cuomo came on to speak about the Medicaid waiver, I was hoping to hear how he would use some of the money to improve mental health services. I was disappointed. Cuomo repeatedly stated that we have a SURPLUS of hospital beds in the state. From what I understand, in the psychiatric wards there is actually a shortage of beds. There is also a tremendous need for community-based outpatient support services and housing targeted for the mentally ill. These programs can have great impact in maintaining patients' health and functionality, saving us all much heartache and even money! I hope Governor Cuomo takes this issue seriously and allocates some desperately needed funds to improve mental health services in New York.

Feb. 14 2014 11:56 AM

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