Governor Christie: Humble Servant of the Middle Class

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Image from Governor Chris Christie's campaign web site.
From New Jersey Public Radio

After a few weeks as "The Law and Order Guy" and "That Guy Who Wants to Use FedEx to Track Immigrants," Governor Christie is shape-shifting again. This time, he's the Common Man of the People and Defender of the Middle Class.

NJPR's Matt Katz and the Star-Ledger's Tom Moran join host David Furst to discuss the latest message from the campaign trail, and how this one might actually work better. 

We'll also explain what Governor Christie has done to weaken the state's Election Law Enforcement Commission and how it all may be part of a plan to help out his best Democrat bud, Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo.

Also this week:

Cronyism in the New Jersey National Guard. Widespread discontent among the ranks and charges of racism. Add to that, the detail that Christie has given the overweight head of the NJ National Guard 90 days to slim down and "meet his obligations."

Washington Post Reporter, Craig Whitlock joins us to discuss how the guard has become "dysfunctional" under Governor Christie. Whitlock says, "I've covered the military at a national level for several years... and I've never seen an instance where you have such a high percentage of the... senior command staff filing complaints."

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