The Government's Guidelines for Labeling You a Terrorist

Thursday, August 07, 2014

 A TSA agent checks a traveler's identification at a special TSA Pre-check lane at Terminal C of the LaGuardia Airport on January 27, 2014 in New York City. A TSA agent checks a traveler's identification at a special TSA Pre-check lane at Terminal C of the LaGuardia Airport on January 27, 2014 in New York City. (John Moore/Getty Images/Getty)

Roughly 680,000 people are currently listed in the U.S. government’s Terrorist Screening Database. But according to documents obtained by The Intercept, more than 40 percent of those people have "no recognized terrorist group affiliation.” The documents also reveal that the Obama Administration has overseen an unprecedented expansion of the terrorist screening system. Jeremy Scahill discusses the scope of the watch-list and the “elastic” ways people often end up on it. He's the author of the articles “Watch Commander: Barack Obama’s Secret Terrorist-Tracking System, by the Numbers” and "Blacklisted: The Secret Government Rulebook for Labeling You a Terrorist."


Jeremy Scahill

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tom LI

LOL! Nothing sums up the sour attitude of most TSA agents then that of the woman in the above picture. Oh man, if I haven't seen that F-U face on 90% of major metropolitan based TSA agents. That facial give-away is that of the under-trained, over-zealous, pumped-up ego and intellectually stunted that is the bulk of TSA agents.

Aug. 07 2014 04:48 PM
Prometheus from MT. Caucasus

Nobody is safe from the NSA, nobody. Get that through your heads. There really should be nothing new to say about the NSA. Every electronic communication that you generate, i.e., email, cell, camera, ez pass, NYTimes or WNYC comment, is intercepted and stored, for immediate use or stored for future use.

The NSA has the same problem as the drug cartels. The former has so much information that it doesn't know what to do with all of it, so it stores it like a neurotic squirrel stores nuts, and the latter have so much money they wash it for so many cents on the dollar.

The NSA’s ultimate dream is to be able to download, when it suits it, a comprehensive narrative of your entire life, with a few computer keystrokes or codes. That is why it is building all this storage space in NV. The NSA has yet to technically perfect its Orwellian nightmare on steroids, so it just stores info for now.

"It's all one ghetto, man”, says Rust Cohle, “A giant gutter in outer space", and NSA is the toilet that catches everything out there.

“What human beings seek to learn from nature is how to use it to dominate wholly both it and human beings.” "To dominate nature boundlessly, to turn the entire cosmos into an endless hunting ground, has been the dream of millennia." "The established group has always taken a paranoid stance toward the others; in this great empires, indeed, organized humanity as a whole, are no better than head hunters."

Horkheimer and Adorno
Dialectic of Enlightenment

Aug. 07 2014 12:22 PM

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