Christie: Just Dropping In to See What State My State is In

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie talks with Cabinet Senior Staff after 2015 State of the State address.
From New Jersey Public Radio


That’s how many days Governor Christie spent out of New Jersey in 2015.

And according to New Jersey Public Radio’s Matt Katz, “There’s not much really happening in terms of the governance of New Jersey.” As state matters are squeezed between the governor's campaign stops and TV appearances, Matt says Trenton has “basically ground to a halt.”

But next week, Christie will take a break from campaigning to appear in Trenton for his annual state of the state speech. As the governor reacquaints himself with the Garden State, Matt joins host David Furst to talk about the criticism the absentee governor is facing on the trail – and takes a look at what his presidential campaign is costing New Jersey taxpayers.


Governor Christie often talks about his time “prosecuting terrorists” as U.S. Attorney for New Jersey. One of his most celebrated convictions is back in the news this week, with three of the men who were convicted of plotting a terrorist attack on Fort Dix back in a New Jersey courtroom. We examine a case that Christie talks about as one of the highlights of his career with Murtaza Hussain. He has written extensively about the “Fort Dix Five” for The Intercept, and says the case deserves more scrutiny.


For further listening on Christie's track record of prosecuting terrorists in the years following 9/11 - here's our discussion on the conviction of Hemant Lakhani.

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