Christie May Cut Pension Benefits for Younger Workers

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Governor Chris Christie says he's considering cutting benefits for the state's younger public workers, but he does not intend to cut pensions for retirees or those close to retirement.

At a town hall on Long Beach Island, Christie, who championed state pension reform legislation in 2011, announced that there would be a "reduction in benefits."

"It has to be," Christie told the audience. "There's no other way to do this. And the state is going to have to step up to the plate and show that they're willing to deal with these issues in a really direct way."

He said that the reforms were necessary to prevent bankruptcy. 

Christie was greeted by several dozen union workers who protested his plan to cut out younger workers.

Larry Parker, a retired policeman from Stafford County, said he was concerned about Christie turning pensions “into the bad guy.”

“I can remember when I started on the job I was making $3,400 so it surely wasn’t for the money,” he said, adding that he worked on the force for 47 years. “We’re certainly not here to get something for nothing. … I don’t think any of us want to rob the New Jersey tax payers. We are tax payers. What we’re looking for is just like when I promise to pay somebody something, I have to pay it.”

Christie said he’d present a plan at the end of the summer.


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Comments [6]

Cliff K from retired out of State NJ to expensive to live in!!

If the past Governor's had NOT RAIDED the pension system, to transfer funds to other areas, there would be no problem. Prior to the RAIDING OF PENSION FUNDS, P&F was at 104%. In there wisdom or LACK of it, they spent the money!!
This is exactly what happened to Social Security. They spend OUR money on other things them blame US! for the problem they created
Then he Highway Trust fund, funded by gasoline taxes! same thing they spent the money elsewhere!
Christi has already eliminated the COLA's! so now retired after 35 years on the job, I am on a fixed income.
Its very simple, put back the money & Interest the money would have earned and there would b no problem! Keep your hands off of OUR MONEY!

Jul. 30 2014 12:19 PM
Sassy Lou from NYC

Which is CODE for ...Hey Young People...Get the Fuck out of New Jersey NOW while you can and move to a non-moron state run by blue folk who actualy care about when you get sick and old....becuase I GUARANTEE..someday you will be either or BOTH!!!

Jul. 29 2014 02:05 PM

I am an adjunct professor with two Masters degrees and I am currently working on my PhD. I am a state employee who "PAYS INTO" the pension system of the State of New Jersey. I will not retire a millionaire Carlos; I work over 50 hours a week and two universities, make less than 50 thousand dollars a year, I have terrible healthcare coverage not through my employer, outstanding student loans I am trying to pay off. My salary is not in line with the private sector, and my union is working without an updated contract for over two years. Negotiations over our contracts have been legally and illegally tampered and intimidated by Trenton.

When Christie gives BILLIONS in state money via no-bid and shady contracts to his friends, and other condescension totally in other billions of dollars to wall street elites the question is not about people working and paying into a pension but about (1) where is the money going? And why are we attacking workers (2)? Both questions nefariously organized to be such by Christie and his allies.

Jul. 26 2014 12:16 PM
Marbs from NJ

Governor Chris Christie says he's considering cutting benefits for the state's younger public workers, but he does not intend to cut pensions for retirees or those close to retirement.

The above was edited OUT of the Star Ledger Article this was an answer to a retired police officer in his 70's who was concerned about his pension. It was edited out a little after 8am this morning. That would be the time someone might have shown up for work at the bunker at the statehouse.

Jul. 23 2014 09:46 AM
Carlos D. from Westchester

WNYC always gets an older retiree to provide anecdotes. Christie has it exactly right govt. employees on the job now have salaries in line with the private sector but their pension formulas have not changed from when their salaries were low, The result is each and everyone of the young govt. workers retires a multimillionaire. Do the math avg. Comp. For a cop is 90k today, but for those close to retirement it is closer to 120 k they retire in their 40 s with 100k adjusted for inflation and live on average into their 70's and their spouse into her 800's. That is over 40 years of 100k per year plus inflation. Oh and don't forget free healthcare forever.

Jul. 23 2014 08:16 AM
Irene Dunsavage from Maplewood

How about the gov and this fine legislative branch look into getting rid of all the double dippers ...
Doesn't' take long to find the legitimate drain on bucks in this state .

Or all of the lea forms he has emblazoned with money over the years

While the common man struggles and becomes less able to have a good life his cronies relish their wealth off the backs of the working class.

Jul. 23 2014 07:26 AM

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