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Gov. Christie Calls Booker's Senate Victory the 'First Win' for the NY Giants

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Gov. Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Cory Booker were together for the first time today since Booker was elected U.S. Senator last night.

The Republican Governor congratulated the mayor — but not before getting a dig in.

Christie, a Dallas Cowboys fan, said Booker, a New York Giants fan, helped out his losing team by winning the Senate seat.

“Last night it was the first win the Giants have gotten all year," Christie joked at a Newark groundbreaking ceremony. "Little did [Giants coach] Tom Coughlin know he had to depend on a washed-up tight end from Stanford to get his first win of the year, but desperate times call for desperate measures, don’t they, Cory.”

Later, though, Christie congratulated Booker. “I think all of us need to honor the choice of the people," he said. "The people made the decision last night and I look forward working with [Booker] in that job as I have looked forward and enjoyed working with him in this one.”