Week 10: The GOP Fight For Health Care Reform Lives On

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House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wis. speaks with reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington, following his meeting with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump back in May of 2016.

Last week, the GOP failed to earn the number of votes required to pass their “repeal and replace” solution to the Affordable Care Act. The president and the party seemed to be ready to move on and set their sights on their next agenda item.

But on Tuesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan affirmed that the effort to provide the American people with a new and different health care solution would continue.

On this episode of Indivisible, host Charlie Sykes will discuss what the fate of the health care bill means for the Republican Party -- and what may come next. He’ll be joined by Weekly Standard editor at large William Kristol, who will also discuss the latest in the investigations over Russia and more.

Charlie will also speak with E.J. Dionne, Washington Post opinion writer and Senior Fellow in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution. His latest piece in the Washington Post is titled, "The lessons Trump and Ryan failed to learn from history."

Here are some tweets from this episode: