Google Will Now Let You Buy Google Glass (for One Day Only)

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Google announced today that they’ll let anybody buy Google Glass, but for one day only. Previously, only a limited number of people were allowed in to Google’s beta test. But next Tuesday, if you’d like, you can plunk down $1,500 for a pair of internet spectacles.

Should you?  I don't know, it’s not my job to tell you how to spend your money. I will say that Alex and I have gone back and forth on whether Google Glass is going to be Laserdisc (an expensive niche product that only super geeks like) or Walkmen (something that seems clunky and strange when it comes out, and then quickly normalizes.)

One thing that occurs to me just now, thinking about this for the umpteenth time, is that I'm still not entirely sure what Google Glass does. I "get" my smartphone -- it puts my computer in my pocket, which makes it better than my computer, even if it's slower and doesn't have a good keyboard and falls out of my pocket sometimes. I don't entirely "get" what Google Glass offers that a phone doesn't. But maybe I just don't see it, or maybe Google's still figuring that question out via their slow beta test rollout.