Golden Suits: Shimmering Guitar Pop

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Golden Suits performs in the Soundcheck studio.

Golden Suits is a solo project from Fred Nicolaus of Department Of Eagles, yet "solo" is a weird way to describe it. The band’s self-titled debut includes half of Grizzly Bear as well as members of rising New York groups Milagres and Ava Luna. The record also features delightfully simple melodic lines sung in Nichols’ rich voice, soaring counterpoint harmonies, and shimmering guitars to round everything out. Golden Suits' song “Swimming In ’99” best typifies that dynamic sound, and seems tailor-made to be heard live in concert.

Watch Golden Suits perform live in the Soundcheck studio.





Set List:

  • "Swimming in '99"
  • "Under Your Wing"
  • "Little One"



Golden Suits plays Union Pool on Wednesday, September 25