Gloria Steinem: Donald Trump Is Not My President

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Gloria Steinem.
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During Gloria Steinem's "Address to the Women of America" at the opening conference of the founding of the National Women's Political Caucus in July of 1971, the feminist and author spoke about the goals of better female representation in politics.

"Our aim should be to humanize society by bringing the values of a woman's culture into it," Steinem said. "Not simply to put an individual woman into a man's place. We do want to take our rightful position in this country, and our rightful position means 50 percent of every elected and appointed body that exists ... We know, however, that no one gives political power. It must be taken. And therefore, we will take it. Some people have asked, 'Are we a woman's party? Are we a third or forth or fifth party?' We are not a woman's party. At least not yet. We have not given up the existing political machinery to the male elitists. Because we see that there are empty clubhouses and a turned off electorate and a great poverty of ideas. We believe that we can humanize and renew that machinery so it will respond to people's needs.”

Now, 45 years later, Gloria Steinem finds herself at the conclusion of a historic election. Her life's work helped bring a woman closer to the White House than ever before, but for now, that reality remains unfulfilled. Today, she says that Donald Trump is not her president. 

"I'm not going to disobey the law, but I'm not going to pretend he represents me," she says. 

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