A Glitchy Link Poem, That's Also An Obamacare Summary

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The online clearing house for the Obamacare exchanges went live on Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

We're looking into "glitches" for an upcoming episode of New Tech City.

Naturally, the NTC team shares links and ideas with each other via email.

Rarely though, do the clipped rhythms of a busy journalist pecking away at a keyboard accidentally land so poetically as this dispatch from our editor Charlie Herman, which just happens to also sum up most of what you need to know about the tech failures of the government healthcare website.

A glitchy poem on Obamacare: 

So much broken.

It didn’t have to fail.  

Meet the company who built Healthcare.gov.

What I learned trying to sign up for Ocare.

Can’t search on Ocare.

The glitches are scaring people.

The visual cascade of the links is what really impressed me. Call it a glitch that worked.

OK, friends, that concludes this behind-the-scenes peek into New Tech City production process. If we left a link out, or you want to show us what real link poetry looks like, the comment section is all yours.