Gig Alert: Toshi Reagon at Joe's Pub

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Toshi Reagon

Gig Alert: Toshi Reagon at Joe's Pub, Jan. 26-29
Tickets: $25, Doors at 8:30 Shows at 9PM

Singer and guitarist Toshi Reagon is the daughter of Bernice Johnson Reagon, singer and political activist from the band Sweet Honey In the Rock. Not surprisingly, Toshi’s career has often involved social activism, for women, for black culture, and especially, for all those strands of blues, gospel, folk, jazz, and rock n roll that most us separate out, but that, to her, are all part of the tapestry of American music.

Toshi Reagon and her band BIGLovely are playing a set of birthday shows this week at Joe’s Pub, tonight through Sunday.