Gig Alert: Sons of an Illustrious Father at Trans-Pecos

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Sons of an Illustrious Father's new record is 'Revol.'

Gig Alert: Sons of an Illustrious Father at Trans-Pecos
Tickets: $8, Show at 8PM, All-Ages

The collective of singer/songwriters known as Sons of an Illustrious Father is slightly misnamed, as Lilah Larson is no one’s son. The other two members are Josh Aubin and Ezra Miller, the actor who starred in Trainwreck and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Together they make an intriguing blend of psychedelic folk and indie rock music, with songs that often take startling turns. The trio called Sons of an Illustrious Father plays tonight at Trans-Pecos, in Queens.

Note: This show had been originally scheduled for Brooklyn's Shea Stadium, which closed unexpectedly over the weekend.