Gig Alert: Robyn Hitchcock at City Winery

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Robyn Hitchcock's latest album is 'The Man Upstairs.'

Gig Alert: Robyn Hitchcock at City Winery, Sat. 11/19, at 7PM and 10 PM
Tickets: $32-$45

One of the great things about a Robyn Hitchcock concert is that after almost 40 years of fronting different bands and playing solo, he’s built up such a vast repertoire of songs that you never know what to expect.  He always seems to have a store of surprising covers, and Hitchcock’s own songs, which are often surreal or whimsical, cover everything from capital punishment to spiders, Dirty Harry movies to waffles and cheese. 

English singer and guitarist Robyn Hitchcock plays at City Winery tomorrow evening, with shows at both 7PM and 10PM.