Gig Alert: The Julie Ruin at Irving Plaza

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Kathleen Hanna performs with The Julie Ruin in the Soundcheck studio.

Gig Alert: The Julie Ruin, with Harsh Crowd at Irving Plaza
Tickets: $20, 7PM, 16+ unless accompanied by an adult

In the 1990s, singer Kathleen Hanna burst on the punk scene as one of the leading voices in the so-called riot grrl movement. The documentary film The Punk Singer follows her journey from her band Bikini Kill to her decade-long fight with Lyme Disease. Now, Hanna is back on tour with her band, The Julie Ruin. Her voice is as distinctive as ever, and her lyrics are just as pointed and potent now as they were 20 years ago. Hear The Julie Ruin from this 2013 in-studio appearance on Soundcheck and see them tonight at Irving Plaza, with the band Harsh Crowd as their opening act.

Here's The Julie Ruin tackling gentrification in this song, “Kids In NY”: