Gig Alert: Huh at Shea Stadium

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Gig Alert: Huh at Shea Stadium, the Shea Holidea Party
Tickets: $7-$8, Show at 8PM

Naming your new rock band must be such a hard thing to do.  All the good names are taken, and all the weird ones too. At some point, you might as well just give up and go, “huh.” This band might’ve done just that – they’re a new quartet based here in NY and they’re called Huh. Self-described as “modern rock and roll with whiffs of mid-’90s nostalgia,” their debut EP, "Whatever You Want," consists of well-crafted indie rock with occasional surprises – a verse in French, or an unexpected chord progression, or a bit of droll humor. Huh is playing tonight at the Brooklyn venue Shea Stadium, as part of the Shea Holidea Party.