Gig Alert: Derek Gripper at Carnegie's Zankel Hall on 11/12

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Gig Alert: Derek Gripper at Carnegie’s Zankel Hall on Sat., Nov. 12
Tickets: $39-$46, 8:45PM

Guitarist Derek Gripper is from South Africa, but much of the music he plays is from West Africa, from Mali specifically.  Gripper has somehow managed to translate the music of the Malian kora, a 21-string harp, to the 6-string classical guitar.  It sounds like two or three musicians playing at once, but it’s all done live by Gripper himself.  The arrangements are almost as virtuosic as the actual performances – which have been quite rare here in New York, until this year.  

Derek Gripper performs tomorrow night at Carnegie’s Zankel Hall, on a program with West Africa’s Trio da Kali.