Gig Alert: Amaan & Ayaan Ali Bangash with Elmira Darvarova

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EVENT: Amalgam: Amaan & Ayaan Ali Bangash with Elmira Darvarova, tonight at Joe's Pub

From Joe's Pub listing: 

World’s renowned masters of stringed instruments, the Violin and the Indian sarod, come together to present mellifluous sounds. Elmira Darvarova, former Concertmaster of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra (and the first woman-concertmaster in the MET’s history and Grammy-nominated Concert Violinist) and the acclaimed Indian Sarod prodigies - Ayaan & Amaan Ali Bangash. The artists have aimed to preserve the essence of both Indian and Western traditions so that they are able to partake of each other without artistic compromise. Their goal through this process is to engage and celebrate both the shared and discrete musical “DNA” of both traditions from a perspective of abundance. This is a blissful dream of a project, infused with the unique amalgamated contributions of artists united under a common aegis, regardless of their diverse background, cultures, traditions, generations, genders, religions, upbringing, and career paths. This remarkable collaboration between these widely acknowledged music masters will bring together the musical heritage of their respective cultures in a contemporary way resulting in a mesmerizing and harmonious dialogue.