The Ghosts of Mayors Past Advise de Blasio on Dealing with Snow

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With Bill de Blasio facing his first major snowstorm as mayor of New York City, we thought he might like to take some cues from his predecessors. Here, listen to Mayors Fiorello Laguardia, John Lindsay, Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg handle a nervous public.

1943 - Mayor Fiorello La Guardia

La Guardia dreaded snow.  And in anticipation of possible winter calamities, he urges the people of New York to volunteer and shovel city streets.

1969 - Mayor John Lindsay

Lindsay was heavily criticized for his handling of the 1969 storm, with parts of New York shutting down for three days. Lindsay was even pelted with snowballs. 

1996 - Mayor Rudy Giuliani

In this clip, Giuliani insists that no expense will be spared to fight the snow.  Even so, he admits, lives will be lost.

2009 - Mayor Michael Bloomberg

There were some historic snowfalls during Mayor Bloomberg's tenure.  In this clip, Bloomberg shows off his now infamous Spanish skills to get the city prepared.