Getting Meta: We Recycle a Story on E-Recycling

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Kirsch detangles the chord of an old keyboard before stacking it on top of other e-waste items for weighing.

Each year, we create more than two million tons of e-waste, buy only some of it is recycled. This is the story of one computer's journey through the recycling process from the New School in Manhattan to an e-waste graveyard outside the city.

Old computers, TVs and printers are chopped down not only because the metals, plastics and circuit boards inside can be used elsewhere but because they contain toxins like lead and cadmium.

New Tech City is doing a bit of its own recycling, too. This piece from Tracey Samuelson aired back in 2012 before our current podcast was reborn. So, in the spirit of recycling, we decided to give it new life too!