George Pataki on High Speed Rails, Taxes

Monday, November 11, 2013

George Pataki, former governor of New York ( R ), discusses the state panel on taxes he's co-chairing, as well as his lobbying efforts, along with the former governors of NJ and PA, for high-speed rail service between NYC and DC.

Then Ken Lovett, Albany bureau chief for The Daily News, follows up on that and other news from the state capitol.




Governor George Pataki and Ken Lovett

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vic tiship from Putnam county

We desperately need discussion and action on reducing the property tax burden in NY and expanding education for all NY kids, but must include all the history and failures to support and effect true reform we've gotten from our elected “leaders” - Governor Cuomo is no exception.

Prior to 1972 NY had 14 tax brackets, 2% to 15%. Under then Governor Rockefeller the bottom two were eliminated along with the top 9, leaving an effective tax rate of 6.85%. Those tax cuts cost NY over $8 Billion annually, overwhelmingly benefiting the richest, and those tax cuts for the wealthy led directly to the out of control rise of property taxes and numerous fees burdening overwhelmingly those least able to pay to make-up those billions!

Today’s politicians talking about "Raising" taxes on the rich is NOT accurate; it should be seen as RESTORING fair taxation on the wealthiest as prior to 1972. When I hear we cannot do that because the rich will move-out of NY it makes me furious, the middle-class, seniors and New Yorkers of modest-means or struggling with a financial crisis have been being driven-out for decades, unable to pay onerous ever-increasing property taxes!

Property taxes on our homes to fund public education should be eliminated - changed to income taxes as the fairest means, but Albany hasn't had the courage or integrity to do so! About 90% of New Yorkers would pay less by adopting that method of financing public education.

From the Suozzi Commission to the new McCall/Pataki Commission (stuffed with representatives favoring the rich) all such “commissions” have been formed to "study" sky high unsustainable and oppressive property taxes with no reform forthcoming, all their effort designed to continue to benefit the richest among us, giving home-owners only band-aids to cover the inequality and that is likely to continue with only window-dressing minor "relief" for at-risk home-owners.

Governor Cuomo touted his support for the "relief" of a 2% tax-cap as "radical and progressive step" - it was neither, and did nothing to “reform” property taxes already at obscene levels or lower them, only reduce their annual rise!

“Governor Cuomo Cut Taxes for 35,000 NYS Millionaires
Raises Property Taxes on 675,000 Working Class Families That Are Already Struggling” - that is NOT leadership!

I hope New York homeowners flood the Governors office with calls and letters/emails demanding REAL property tax REFORM and change to an income-based system like the "Equity in Education Act" that offers the reform we desperately need, not more pandering and advantages for the richest!

Nov. 11 2013 11:58 AM

Can we please get some pushback against this false meme that raising taxes on the wealthy hurts the job creating small business owners?

The vast majority of small business owners are NOT WEALTHY.

Furthermore, the vast majority of small businesses have NO EMPLOYEES.

Nov. 11 2013 11:28 AM

An anecdote. I built and ran a successful small business in NY. The company created many jobs, but I never made a decision to hire based on taxes. If a business owner is personally making 500,000/year and saying that s/he cannot afford more employees, then that business has likely reached its limit of job creation and is just being maintained to support the owners cash flow.

Nov. 11 2013 10:57 AM

Did I sneeze and miss the high speed rail segment ?

Nov. 11 2013 10:51 AM
antonio from baySide

Isn't characterizing small business owners as the only job creators a canard? Imagine what New York could do with taxing capital gains at the same as real work....Or a transaction tax...anything. They coffers just need to be regulated...

The truth is the republicans and most democrats

Nov. 11 2013 10:43 AM
Martha from Glen Cove

The problem with property taxes on Long Island *specifically the school portion which is the majority) is the salaries are typically all or close to 6 digits. Superintendents make 300-500k and they are ever increasing. Kids are held hostage to this as the salaries are locked in stone, so all the cuts are threatened against the kids. If the unions have salaries this high (far higher than the average income of the area) than they need to get rid of the perks which cost many millions over each employees lifetime (when they are no longer teaching). The perks were why the salaries were low in the first place - now that they are above market, the need to remove then. The fact that you have thousands of applicants per teaching position tell you that the salaries are too high.

When a small 3 bedroom house can have taxes of $1000 (not including mortgage, maintenance, heat, etc) or more per month there is a big problem.

Nov. 11 2013 10:42 AM
George from Melrose

Pataki? haahahaha, he floated BILLIONS in Bond ACTS NY is still paying for. He bought TEN power plants from GE for a BILLION dollars and put them in low income people of color neighborhoods, what a joke he is still paid attention to.

Nov. 11 2013 10:33 AM

High speed for what ? So lobbyist can destroy our country and be home for dinner?
How about high speed to scranton and binghamton to spur growth in the region. Or the arc tunnel to get people home faster?

Nov. 11 2013 10:21 AM

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