How Geology Can Determine Destiny and Unlock The Secrets of the Universe

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It's an old real estate mantra: Location, location, location.

But it doesn't just apply to housing. As long as there's been life on earth, location has, at least in part, determined destiny for civilizations across the globe. The natural resources beneath our feet dramatically shift power dynamics on the international stage, and all of that was set in motion millions of years ago.

New research from teams of paleo-geologists has transformed the way we understand the beginning of our world. Steve LeVine, Washington correspondent for Quartz, explains how geology and plate tectonics have helped determine our fate, from the time of super-continents like Pangea through today.

Video: This animation produced illustrates the breakup of the supercontinent Rodinia, Pangaea’s ancestor, and the formation of the modern Pacific Ocean. This animation views the Earth from the "backside" or Pacific region, which is why Pangea appears on the edge of the map.