'Genetic Republican' John G. Taft on the Future of the GOP

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In the wake of the government shutdown, the Affordable Care Act remains intact and the Republican Party is licking its wounds and taking stock.

Some of the Republican old guard had harsh words for Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz on CBS's "Face the Nation" this week.

"The tactic of defunding the government unless he repealed his signature issue was as poorly designed as Obamacare itself," Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told host Bob Schieffer. 

His colleague Mitch McConnell agreed. "A number of us were saying back in July that this strategy could not and would not work, and of course it didn't. So there will not be another government shutdown; you can count on that," Sen. McConnell said. 

The Tea Party and its allies may have propelled the Republicans to victory in the 2010 midterm elections, but John G. Taft, great-grandson of 27th President William Howard Taft, is worried about the state of the GOP. Taft, the author of "Stewardship: Lessons Learned from the Lost Culture of Wall Street" and CEO of RBC Management USA, examines the GOP's past and present, and shares his hopes for the party's future.