Gabe Pressman Democratic National Convention Report

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This episode is from the WNYC archives. It may contain language which is no longer politically or socially appropriate.

via Beeper Phone (includes phone sound). Two segments. For WNYC.

First segment: On location recording from Convention Hall, Chicago, for the Democratic National Convention, where the candidates for the presidency and the civil rights dispute are at issue. Adlai Stevenson is rumored to be the front runner for presidential candidacy. Vice presidential candidate possibilities. Also, it's hot. Antagonism between north and south in regard to civil rights.

Second segment: Lower audio quality. During Pressman's report, sounds of rustling and conversation elsewhere. Description of the scene in the convention hall and surrounding areas. An update on rumors for presidential nomination. Stevenson addresses the convention. Awaiting keynote address.

Third segment: Same quality as previous. States place nominations for presidential candidate. Stevenson is expected to be chosen; Truman has approved this choice. Was Senator Estes Kefauver's "demonstration" the night before planned? The dramatic high point of the convention was Vice President Alben Barkley's appearance the night before; the convention hall was turned in to bedlam. Signing of the loyalty pledge for civil rights. Selection of the vice presidential candidate.

Fourth segment: From the International Amphitheater. Reactions to Vice President Barkley's speech the night before; strengthened the argument for Stevenson. "This convention is really out of control of the old party leadership."

Fifth segment: From the room of Senator Herbert H. Lehman. How does the Sen feel about the candidacy for Senator Averell Harriman? Civil Rights platform. Regulations for filibuster (ending after 15 days).

Sixth segment: From the Hilton Hotel. After NY State delegation held a caucus. Pressman reads Sen Lehman's report on how the delegation will vote for the presidential nominee. Councilman Earl Brown reports on the meeting and predicts Stevenson will win the candidacy. Does he think the split over civil rights will hurt the democrats in the election?

Seventh segment: Stevenson appears to be the chosen candidate. Ballotting begins tomorrow. The mood is tense. President Eisenhower will address the convention tomorrow.

Eighth segment: From Convention Hall. After ballotting, no one has the clear lead, so another vote is being taken.

Ninth segment: From Convention Hall. Almost to a final vote. Stevenson seems to be the winner. Just a few minutes ago, Kefauver came to the floor to make an announcement. Sam Rayburn, of Texas, would not allow him to. Someone else announced for him that he conceded the election.

Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives WNYC Collection

WNYC archives id: 69714
Municipal archives id: LT876