G Train Shutting Down Between Brooklyn and Queens For 5 Weeks

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MTA workers repairing Sandy damage on the G train's Greenpoint tube in August, 2013

Beginning Friday night, the G train will stop running between Brooklyn and Queens for five weeks. It's yet another piece of the MTA's to do list in the wake of Sandy.

The Greenpoint tube, like six other under-river MTA subway tunnels, flooded with millions of gallons of salt water during that storm. The MTA made some quick fixes to keep the G up and running. But now, said MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz, the agency needs the time and space for more permanent repairs.

"This is work that really isn't suited to just weekend closures and really does require full 24/7 access," he said. "Controls for ventilation, lighting, communications systems — we want to get all that equipment restored to their level prior to Sandy."

While that work is ongoing, there will be no service along the three northernmost G train stations, which serve a combined total of 30,000 people on an average weekday. Service in Brooklyn, from Nassau Avenue southward, will be unaffected.

The MTA says full service on the G line will be restored on Sept. 2.

The G isn't the only subway line to be experiencing Sandy-related shutdowns. Work continues on the R train, which hasn't been running between Brooklyn and Manhattan since August 2013. That service should be restored in October. And although no details are available yet, the MTA says other under-river tubes are also facing bouts of intensive work.

The MTA will provide shuttle buses along the route. See the bus map here.