Week 12: The Future of Race in Trump's America

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A new civil rights era seemed to be rising in the last few years before the 2016 election. Under Obama, Black Lives Matter became an international activist movement and the shooting of young black men by police officers became a cause for outrage. Then Donald Trump became president and the national focus changed from forgotten black Americans to forgotten white Americans. Can we address the problems of both at the same time?

Fordham University professor Christina Greer, author of Black Ethnics: Race, Immigration, and the Pursuit of the American Dream, sits down with host Brian Lehrer to take your calls.

Then Dave Isay, founder of StoryCorps, is back to talk about our mission to get you out of your political bubble. We’re asking you to volunteer to have a conversation with a stranger who is your political opposite. StoryCorps will record the conversation and you could come back on Indivisible to talk about the experience live on the radio.

Here’s how to take part: email listen@StoryCorps.org with the subject line “Indivisible Interview” and describe who you think is your political opposite. StoryCorps will try to match you up, and facilitate a conversation.

Modeling the process are two Indivisible hosts—Charlie Sykes and Kai Wright— who talked with StoryCorps about their ideological differences. They join Brian Lehrer to reflect on the conversation.

Here are some Tweets from this episode: